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Dr. Ron Morris is a southern California native who moved to Arizona to pursue his dream of providing quality healthcare to people in need. He fell in love with Chiropractic while he was a 3-year captain and 4-year scholarship athlete of the springboard and platform diving team at Brigham Young University in Utah. It was there where he first realized that Chiropractic care could help him achieve greater heights in his championship athletic career – which inspired him to bring his knowledge of athletics into the world of medicine.

Dr. Ron received his bachelor's degree in exercise science from Brigham Young University and attended the prestigious Southern California University of Health Sciences where he received his Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine and played a pivotal role in the Sports Injury Council. He is well versed in sports injuries and has a vast array of soft tissue techniques. He is also experienced in many diversified adjusting techniques including manual, activator, blocking, mulligan, and drop technique.

In his spare time, he continues to be involved in the diving world through coaching and training. He also is a competitive racquetball player, casual pickleball player, golfer, and a father of 3.

Dr. Moriss' brother - Dr. Doug Morris - is also a chorpiractor in Scottsdale Arizona. Dr. Doug was the one who convinced Dr. Ron to start his own practice 2 years ago.