Dry Needling

Dry Needling in Chandler

Pain Relief Treatment

If you need a skilled chiropractor who offers a variety of effective therapies, Back To Action Chiropractic and Rehab in Chandler, AZ can help. We will analyze your personal injury, sports injury, or other condition and create a chiropractic care plan tailored to your needs. Dry needling is often incorporated into these care plans.

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What Is Dry Needling?

The practice of dry needling involves inserting thin needles into the skin to activate trigger points that relieve tight muscles and ease the pain. Dry needling is sometimes called intramuscular manual therapy. It is natural, safe, and effective – it also does not involve the use of any drugs.

Dry Needling Vs. Acupuncture

Dry needling is different from acupuncture in that it focuses more on trigger points to relieve pain in the body. It does not deal with the overall flow of energy in the body like acupuncture does. While acupuncture bears some similarities to dry needling by using thin needles inserted into the skin, that is where the similarities stop. Acupuncture deals with "meridians", or energy lines, and energy flow in the body, while dry needling differs in approach and technique.

The Benefits of Dry Needling

It is a safe, effective, and pain-free therapy that is beneficial in treating various health conditions. While this therapy uses needles, it is not considered invasive. During the dry needling process, needles are inserted deep into the muscle tissue to relieve tension and relieve pain. The musculoskeletal system can be adversely affected by years of built-up tension, sports injury, personal injury, and several other factors that contribute to persistent and debilitating pain. Impressive results can be achieved through dry needling therapy.

Many patients experience many benefits:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Decreased pain
  • Greater sense of wellness after treatment

Quality Chiropractic Care in Chandler, AZ

To find out how dry needling can help with a variety of health conditions such as a sports injury or a personal injury, Contact us at Back to Action Chiropractic and Rehab in Chandler, AZ. Our passionate team of dedicated wellness practitioners has years of collective experience helping individuals achieve their health goals and we look forward to helping you achieve yours.

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